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Continuing education is important in any field, the permanent makeup field is no exception.

Anyone who's familiar with my blog knows that I'm a big proponent of continuing our education, especially online education. Online education makes so much sense to me. We can take courses from the best people anywhere in the world, rather than the ones that are close to us.

And the best part of online education is you can watch it over and over which every expert will tell you is the key to learning.

That's why assisting was always the best way to learn, until the web happened that is.

One area of continued learning for me that made a lot of difference was the color and pigment education.

In Microblading, there are many area we could continue our education long after we've taken our trainings. One area of continued learning for me that made a lot of difference was the color and pigment education. There is so much to learn there that it can't possibly all be covered in one microblading course.

There are only a few good lines of permanent makeup and microblading pigments. The best ones will provide continuing education to their customers (us).

Go with an established pigment company with a good reputation.

Go with an established pigment company with a good reputation. This is not the place to try and cut corners. A bad outcome will be devastating to your customer and to your business. Remember the blue and orange brows?

There are all kinds of new and inexpensive companies popping up trying to get in the pigment game. A lot of these new companies will not have done the proper research (lack of funds) and use cheap ingredients to cut corners. Pigments are unregulated and therefore can have any ingredients the manufacturer deems reasonable. To ensure against dangerous ingredients (and a massive lawsuit), stick to pigments made in the U.S. or Europe (Europe has the most stringent standards of anyone in the world).

Look for the pigment company you choose to have gone through the Dermatest labs in Germany. Dermatest is a well respected research laboratory that tests products for their safety for use by humans and for the environment. This research company adheres to the strictest guidelines to ensure a high standard of quality control. The reputable lines will have gone through this testing.

Here's a list of the top lines:

Biotouch- Biotouch has 5 colors and 7 corrective tones.

Deluxe Brows- Deluxe Brows has 9 colors and one warm up modifier

phibrows- has 6 colors and 2 modifiers

LovBeauty- 5 colors and 5 modifiers

Softap- 26 colors and 4 modifiers

Chuse- 5 colors

Li Pigments- Li Pigments carry 2 lines with 26 colors and 13 modifiers

Aqua- Aqua is water based formula and dries faster than Velvet

Velvet- Velvet is more concentrated and is formulated with glycerin

What worries me about having pigments that don't need modifiers is that everyone's skin undertones are different and will affect the color results differently. If I can't modify the colors I'm using to balance the clients' undertones, I worry that the color outcome won't be predictable and worse, I can't be sure of how it will fade on each client.

My favorite line is Li Pigments with it's 26 colors and 13 modifiers. It gives you the most versatility of any of the top color lines. They've been around the longest of any pigment company (25 years), and perform rigorous testing on all of their products.

They've partnered up with GirlzInk to provide a color education that is unsurpassed by other pigment companies. It's like having your hands held through the pigment process.

As a professional, I think we need to have more control over our pigments and Li gives me that control. Sure there's a learning curve, but don't let that scare you off, it'll end up setting you apart from the rest and making you a true authority.

Plus, you can go on the boards and they, and all the other experts online, will guide you to the perfect shades for each client until you are ready to be the one guiding the newbies. It's like being in a continuous pigment color class.

Either post a picture and ask a question or look at the previous posts where you will surely get the answers you're looking for. I learned so much more than just color theory on those boards. I think they are indispensable to our continuing education.

The trick here is to never stop learning. As soon as we think we know it all we get surpassed by the people who are tirelessly learning new things.

I give thanks every day for the internet and all the knowledge it effortlessly brings right to us.

You've heard the most interesting man in the world say, "Stay thirsty, my friend"? Well, I couldn't agree more, just switch out the beer for knowledge.

The Microblading Bible

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